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Testimonies from Easter Sunday in Wichita Falls, TX

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

I was full of joy when I received the invitation from Pastor Rene and Etem Takang to minister during their Easter Sunday service. The family at Gospel Culture Church are so hospitable and they are hungry for the Word of God. I spoke on the "The Same Life, The Same Power, The Same Spirit That Raised Christ from the Dead." After teaching the Word, I released a few prophetic words over a few individuals in the congregation. We took Communion together to proclaim and recall the Lord's death for us. I decided to administer the Communion in a unique way. I asked that those with pain and specific sicknesses would come forward to be served the Communion first. After taking the Communion, one woman reported that she had already been healed of excruciating pain in her left arm. A young man also spoke up and said he was healed of back pain that he came into the church with. Here are some more testimonies of healing:

  • Several people were healed of knee pain

  • Two women with tightness in the chest from asthma were healed

  • An older woman with back pain was healed

  • A pregnant woman with pains in her lower abdomen was healed

  • Three women responded to a word of knowledge that was released for debilitating menstrual pains, which left them helpless.

  • Any many more..

You can watch a few minutes of the sermon on YouTube.

This is a video showcasing one of the greatest sermons that I've ever had the opportunity to preach. It's called "The Same Life, The Same Power, The Same Spirit That Raised Christ from the Dead." This was recorded live at Gospel Culture Church in Wichita Falls, TX on Easter Sunday April 1, 2018.

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Teaching notes: The first Adam vs. the last Adam (Christ) Romans 5. Being born into Adam results in death, being born again into Christ results in life. Adam was a picture of another Adam who would come. The last Adam would obey God and set things right. Jesus Christ makes His righteousness available to us so that we are justified to live. Romans 6. You've been proclaimed not guilty and sentenced to live in God. You've been permanently grafted into Him to experience a death like His. Therefore, you will share in the fullness of His life. Ephesians 2. The same life with which God raised Christ from the dead has been given to the believer. Ephesians 1. The same power that raised Christ from the dead is in you and exerted toward you. Romans 8. The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead is inside you. Colossians 3. John 2:11.

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