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Framing Your Life with Truth Ep 1: The Door Standing Open Part 1

2018 is gonna be your year! So start it off with an amazing word that will prove to be prophetic for all who believe. This is a new video series called "Framing Your Life with Truth." Here's episode one: A Door Standing Open Part 1. Revelation 4:1 says there is a door standing open in heaven for every believer.

How was the door opened?

Through the body of Jesus.

Jesus describes Himself as the door. If we enter by Him we will go in and out and find pasture (John 10: 7-9)

Jesus has made a new and living way for us to enter into the Holiest of All (Hebrews 10).

I don’t have to just visit the Holy of holies, I can abide. And what that means is Christ when I sleep, Christ when I rise, Christ when I sit down. I can go into any city, into any neighborhood, no matter how much darkness is there and I can see Heaven come down.

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