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Healing and Prophetic Conference Austin-Testimonies

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

The Healing and Prophetic Conference in Austin was a first of its kind. It took place on January 11th and 12th, 2019 in Austin, Texas. This two-day event attracted people from all parts of Texas to be a part of the revival that the Holy Spirit was pouring out. We had wonderful sermons about the believer’s identity in Christ and how to hear the voice of God in a deeper and more profound way. Many were healed of physical, emotional and mental ailments! Several also received prophesies and words of knowledge that spoke to their current situation.

I preached about the Kingdom now and Your Inheritance

The way to step into your inheritance as a son of God is to utilize the faith of God. This faith is a free gift, it’s the faith “that was once and for all delivered to the saints.” I provided a simple template of how to hear God’s voice through biblical meditation and rest.

Tom preached about the four levels of the prophetic

He taught on how the Lord speaks to us and how obeying God in your conscience opens you up to hear God’s voice more clearly. Tom also gave a very simple yet effective model for evangelism. You can approach any stranger and say “Would you help me? I’m looking for someone with pain.”

Accurate word of knowledge about throat pain and not being able to swallow

A woman came to the Friday night service and responded to the word of knowledge for throat pain. She could neither swallow nor drink water. After she received prayer, she could swallow water and she was fine; everything was fine!

Legs growing out

Evangelist Tom prayed for a woman who had back issues and a whole other list of many ailments. He asked her to sit in a chair and pulled her legs out in front of her. One of her legs was noticeably shorter than the other. Evangelist Tom began to pray for her legs to grow out. Both the right leg and the left leg grew out until both were perfectly even!

Supernatural battery charge

Our professional camera man and video producer experienced a sign and wonder also. One of the batteries to be used for the audio board for taping had completely ran out of charge. He left it at the church facility on Friday night and made plans to head to his studio to retrieve more batteries. Upon returning to the conference on Saturday, he was shocked to discover that the battery he left in the building was now fully charged!

Healed of rash and open sores

A couple, husband and wife, was volunteering during the conference. The mom noticed that her son had a rash, with white scabs and open sores all over his body. They refused to miss the conference, so they bought some cream to apply to the young boy and headed to the conference on Friday night. When they arrived home, they didn’t have time to apply any ointment to the young boy. When the parents woke up Saturday morning, they were amazed to discover that the boy had been healed from the rash without any medicine and all the sores had closed up.

Accurate word of knowledge about wheat and/or nut allergy

A woman with wheat and nut allergy was healed of stomach pain from food that she had eaten previously.

Accurate word of knowledge about human trafficking

A woman came up to me after one of the Saturday services and asked for prayer and a word. She received a word of knowledge about pulling women out of human trafficking. It turns out she had rescued a woman out of human trafficking before.

In addition to all these testimonies, we also saw accurate words of knowledge about people’s profession.

A woman received an accurate word of knowledge about being prophetic.

A man received an accurate word of knowledge about being a builder.

A man received a word of knowledge about developing apps and video games; it turns out that he works in Information Technology (hardware and software).

One gentleman received a word about “the Lord giving him a new heart”, it turns out that he had been diagnosed with a heart condition.

A woman who had been in a car accident with back and neck problems, received healing in her neck while the Word was being preached.

A construction worker who struggled with sciatica and paralysis in his leg no longer had paralysis in his leg.

Blurry vision in eyesight was healed and the woman could see more brightly. A woman with pain in her nose was healed.

A young man with a hernia was healed.

A woman with suicidal thoughts was healed in her heart.

A woman with thoughts of giving up ministry was encouraged after she received prayer from a team.

Plus, we sent several teams out into the city of Austin for outreach and evangelism! Many came back with testimonies of rheumatoid arthritis being healed. They saw knee pain healed and one gentleman with a crutch no longer had pain in his leg. A man with back pain, no longer struggled with pain in his back.

The victory belongs to Jesus!

Joyfully Serving Christ,

Evangelist Solape Osoba,

Founder & President of Outreach 4 Every One

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