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Testimonies from Kingdom, Power and Glory Conference-Austin, TX

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

We experienced so much of God’s grace in the Word at the Kingdom, Power and Glory Conference. Pastor Annalise Van Rensburg took us deep into the book of Genesis and helped us to understand God’s timelines in the Bible. She helped us understand that the “end is determined from the beginning.” She explained that Jesus was the one who brought reformation.

Revived by the Word

During the course of this conference, a few people testified that they were not able to sleep as usual but were up all night in the Word.

Friday afternoon, I had the opportunity to teach on revival and the kingdom of God.

On Friday night, after I spoke on the power and the glory of God we saw miracles and some accurate prophetic words. All of the four services have audio teachings that are now available for download at our online shop by clicking here.

Power in Worship

Kat&Jared, Nadine Matthews and Kathleen Golden led us in incredible worship that created an atmosphere for the Spirit of God to move in.

Many were in deeply touched and lost in the presence of God during the worship sets.

Prophetic word about running

I gave a woman a word about being a runner in the natural and in the spiritual. I spoke that there would be no more delay in her life. She confirmed that she used to be a runner in the natural.

Relationships receiving hope

A woman testified that God was moving in her relationships and in her family. There’s a greater desire to the read the Bible.

One woman’s leg grew out

A woman responded to a word of knowledge about someone with knee pain. I invited one of the young people to pray for her. We noticed that one leg was shorter than the other. So this young person prayed for the shorter leg to grow out and it did.

A man with a hearing aid received prayer for his hearing

After a team prayed for him, they stepped back and he could still hear them in spite of the distance that was between them.

Children in the glory

Young kids asked if they could be prayed for in order to receive the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues.

Hallelujah! Glory to God!

Below, you can click the video to watch and hear some first-hand testimonies that are sure to melt your heart.

Joyfully Serving Christ,

Evangelist Solape Osoba,

Founder & President of Outreach 4 Every One

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