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Testimonies from Prophetic Revival Conference

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

It was 3 nights of glory, presence, love, joy and freedom here in Austin! So many lives were touched by the Spirit of God and the Word opened up for many. My heart swelled as some stepped out and started to walk in the prophetic—it was awesome!

Several people testified that when they walked into the building they could feel the Holy Spirit right away and they were so grateful for the leaders allowing the Spirit to move freely throughout the service.

A woman testified that she felt that God was not listening to her or hearing what she was saying. However, during the conference God revealed to her that He was bringing her up.

A young lady who was struggling in different areas said the Lord touched her. Her words were, "I'm glad I'm still here. He touched me."

A woman saw angels in the room ministering and co-laboring with us and joining in with our praise and worship. The angels were singing louder than the worship leader.

A gentleman testified that he was encouraged by the conference because he learned that there's more than one way to prophesy or to be used by the Lord in the prophetic.

A woman stepped up and gave a word of knowledge to a woman whom she had never met. The woman receiving the word confirmed that it was accurate.

When Kathleen and Nadine shared the stage to minister, several people received deep healing in their hearts and were commissioned to walk in the gifts that the Lord had given to them.

All praise to Jesus!

Watch the testimony video below for more testimonies about what the Lord did in this conference.


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