Do you know how many scriptures in the Bible talk about how much God wants you blessed? A lot!! 

That’s why I’ve written this eBook “200 Positive, Uplifting and Encouraging Bible Verses About Prosperity.” So if you’ve been struggling financially or maybe you’re doing well but need an upgrade, I suggest you download this toolkit. Because money is a tool, given to accomplish your kingdom mandate, it doesn’t have to be a cruel master. Learn more!⁣


As you read the bible verses in this ebook, your faith will be built up. You will become a ruler over money. I’m talking about money with a purpose, money with a mission. Money that is a well-managed servant and not a master.


In this eBook you'll get:


  • 200 positive, encouraging, uplifting bible verses about prosperity.
  • 20 themes that summarize what the Word of God says about prosperity.
  • Wealth verses reference guide.


You'll find answers to questions like:

  • Where did poverty come from?
  • Is there a biblical solution to poverty?
  • What is the blessing of Abraham?
  • How do I receive the blessing of Abraham?
  • What role does the cross of Jesus play in my prosperity?


And so much more!!!

200 Bible Verses on Prosperity-eBook