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The Healing and Prophecy Conference in Kyle, TX was a 4 night event filled with incredible teaching and notable signs and wonders. Take a deep dive into teachings about the kingdom of God, healing, the finished work of the Cross, and so much more! This package includes 3 full length mp3 audio sermons by Solape Osoba. 


What is your purpose as a believer on earth? The kingdom of God is about dominion. This kingdom does not come by observation—it is not of this world. Jesus brougth the kingdom of God to our level. 


Jesus came that we might have life and life in abundance. Isaiah 53 says Jesus fully paid the price for our redemption and our healing; how do we step into it?


The reformers said, "We are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, according to Scripture alone, all to the glory of God alone," what does this mean for the believer?

Kyle TX Healing and Prophecy Conference-MP3 AUDIO Package