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Here are some amazing testimonies of healing and miracles that the Lord performed through this ministry.

Theodora is healed and gets out of a wheelchair!

This is Theodora. When I met her I gave her a word about how much God loves her. I saw her writing down dreams for her life in a journal. They seemed impossible. But God wanted to show her that He is the God who makes impossible things happen!

I then asked her why she was in the wheelchair. She was suffering from a condition called SHS, also known as snapping hip. It had progressed to a more serious condition where her hip was moving further away from where it ought to be. The doctors told her that she wouldn’t grow any taller. She was constantly in pain, maybe level seven, and it was excruciating hip pain. The pain felt like a bone was broken all the time. She typically walked on crutches but they borrowed the chair so she could move around the mall.

I asked her, “What would be the first thing you would do if you got out of the chair?” She said go running, go swimming, do something active. I shared a testimony about God opening deaf ears while I was on a trip in Nicaragua. Then we prayed.  She felt heat come over her. When she checked for the pain, it was gone. I asked her to get out of the chair and walk around. Still checking for the pain but couldn’t find anything. She could walk without pain and without a limp. Before, she would limp when she walked. It had been six weeks since she had even tried to walk with no assistance. She walked just fine and even pushed the wheelchair around. She was full of joy and wonder. 

They had a doctor’s appointment set up because the condition was worsening. I told them they could still go see the doctor for confirmation (imagine the look on his/her face!).

Her Mom was shocked, surprised and happy. She took this photo.

Also, Theodora gave her heart to Jesus right there! Glory to God! He is awesome! Praise Him!

Diana’s injured hand is healed!

This happy smiling woman is Diana! She injured her hand while on her job trying to lift something. She said it caused her a lot of pain. I prayed for her then asked her to check it. I said could you tell me what is happening? She said, "How can I explain it?" I asked her where is the pain? She said, "There is no more pain." I asked her to take off the brace and test it out. She did and her hand was perfectly fine. The other hand had some pain too; I laid hands on it and prayed. The pain left that hand as well. Diana received her healing. The Holy Spirit moves with radical love and radical power!

plantar fasciitis testimony.png
Sarah receives healing for Plantar fasciitis and heel spur

I met  Sarah at the Mall and I asked her about her boot and she began to tell me of the condition that she had.  She was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in both legs and she also has heel spurs in her right foot.  The heel spur means her bone was turned the wrong way.  She said this causes her pain all the time and at that time she was in pain.  I shared with her the testimony of Theodora getting out of the wheelchair at the mall.  She said wow and was pleasantly surprised.  I asked her if she would be interested in prayer and said sure! At that time her husband walked up and I introduced myself to both of them and told him that I wanted to pray for his wife. Her name was Sarah. I prayed for Sarah, asked God to give her a creative miracle.  I prayed that the Holy Spirit would come and touch her and I commanded the pain to leave.  She tested it out and said, “what can I say?” I asked her about the pain, she said it was gone.  I told her to test it out really well and walk on it.  She said, "I can tell a noticeable difference", all the pain was gone.  I took a picture with her.  She thanked me and I blessed her and her husband. 

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